Hi I am Fran, I am a L7 qualified careers information, advice and guidance specialist.

My Role is to guide and support our learners at both primary and secondary level. 
We recognise that careers advice should start at a young age, therefore, we work in partnership with external careers agencies to ensure all of our learners receive appropriate information, advice and guidance in relation to their key stage. 
Constantly pushing the boundaries to help our young people into employment we work on the ethos of ever expanding and growing in order to provide the best service we can offer.

You can contact me Via Email – fran.mayor@alpschools.org 

We firmly believe that this site is a fantastic tool to help you develop your skills and build bright futures for yourselves so make sure you browse the free resources available to you!

Our intent is to work towards independent living and working, choice, hope, optimism, adaptability and resilience, access to and engagement in meaningful and equitable work in all forms both voluntary and unpaid, opportunities to learn and make progress, and the pursuit of well being and happiness.

Our aim is to identify how our learners can access these intentions, what they need in order to access these intentions and what their priorities within these intentions need to be.